Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

I love the beginning of the year! Meaning August, because that is really how teacher's think of a year.. when summer is winding down and we're getting ready to start a new year. We have new ideas new things to try and one of the best parts is getting into our classrooms and getting them ready. There comes a point of summer when I get anxious to get my room ready. I love having it ready with plenty of time so I can tweak it, write lesson plans, and focus on other things those few inservice days we have before kids come. Here is a tour of my room this year.
 I have wanted a big rug since I started and my dream finally came true! I can't wait to fill it with little children! I also switched from chairs to risers this year. I could never get the chairs into a formation I felt didn't take up too much room and was functional. This allows more room for movement and risers promote better singing posture. I plan to only have the older kids on them until we are practicing for the Winter Program.
 The view from my "in classroom desk" I have those nice cabinets for storage. The fireplace is from my winter program- We did "There's Someone in the Chimney" from K-8- I'd highly recommend it- it was a student and audience favorite! The fireplace turned out so cute I had to save it!
 I have the kids line up along these cabinets- it needs some sprucing up so I plan to put a word wall here. I also store pencils, paper for little notes and wet wipes by the door!
 View from the risers: My learning targets are posted behind the piano. I have a hand-sign chart. I sit in the rocking chair to start class with the younger grades. There are also white boards in nice little caddies- I put other materials in there throughout the year each kid is assigned a caddy to get their materials from. I also have clipboards since I got rid of desks.
 My cluster of Orff instruments. A collection that was started before me and I continue to grow. I try to buy one a year. The mismatched collection is growing and the kids love them! The filing cabinets in the back is where I store portfolios for grades 4-6. The bulletin board say "Learning Music is a Hoot!"
 My "In Classroom Desk" or better- table. I used fabric to cover the cords. I run powerpoints, mimio presentations, or document camera things from here- I also have my CD player and VHS/DVD player here.
My reward system: I got this from Pinterest. I wanted to try something new- My kids and myself were bored with the 3 star system. I have alphabet magnets on my white board that say "MUSIC" I plan to take one down if they aren't trying their best, aren't following directions, ect. At the end of class their clothespin moves one if they have 1-4 letters left and two if they have all 5 left. At the end they have a reward activity- Dance parties, 4 corners- ect. I only usually reserve 5 minutes for the reward.

I talk about my "In Classroom Desk" This is my office- I am fortunate to have my very own space that I share with no one- My room is used for band as well so this is my space while that is being taught. I do all my planning in here as well as working with students one-on-one before or after school.

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  1. I love your rug! Could you share where you purchased it? Thank you!